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A hard hitting look at what's in the vaccines and how they work.
Taking a deep dive into why the vaccine NANOCAPSULES are prematurely failing. Why athletes are more susceptible to cardiac arrest, why stage performers and presenters are dropping dead and what the connection to 5G is. Also explained is the "Twitcher" / "Fish-out-of-Water-Syndrome", and the cause of the cancer explosion - 50 minute documentary.
Flowers on a Tombstone
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Margaret Anna Alice offers concise and profound prose deliver by Dr Lawrie, the covid crimes against humanity to the doors of the diverse and guilty perpetrators; plus every intense word is hyperlinked to robust scientific and recent-historical evidence validating the charges!


We agree wholeheartedly with Dr David Martin that the members of the criminal covid enterprise, including Fidel’s boy, are guilty of premeditated mass murder. There were no mistakes. Rather, it was meticulous diabolic planning and execution. Here is a masterpiece in my opinion! It is an intense 4 minute video. My dear friend and colleague Dr Tess Lawrie is speaking.

  A4C - Tanya Gaw, brings a message of hope and empowerment to Smithers..  

A4C - Tanya Gaw.. informs Smithers !


President and Founder of Action4Canada , a grassroots movement,  Tanya Gaw gave a powerful dinner presentation to those who attended and to those who gathered the following morning beside Highway 16.


Tanya speaking her Truth in the Sun March 18th.
Jam Packed Presentation. March 17 evening
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Tanya has and is reaching out to millions of Canadians and UNITING voices in opposition to the destructive policies tearing at the fabric of our nation. Through Call To ACTION campaigns, A4C equips citizens to take action.

A4C is committed to protecting… FAITH, FAMILY and FREEDOM.

Special Smithers Event.. Tayna Gaw.. A4C

Dynamic Leader and president of Action 4 Canada, Tanya Gaw, will be in Smithers BC on March 17th.

Smithers Golf Course dinner 6:00pm (doors open at 5:30),

Tickets for Dinner are still available until Wednesday 15th, contact Don Tuining at or Rod Taylor at


Can't make it to dinner, no problem. show up at 7:50pm, take in Tanya's presentation.


Come and join Tayna on Saturday March 18th at THE GOAT 10am..everyone welcome!

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Learn about the "END" of privacy, how a digital prison is built. It's all here in
Bill C-27
Data Processing
Are you concerned about Central Bank Digital Currencies and what they mean to your Freedom?
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Bill 36 will allow the Ministry of Health to unilaterally dictate:

● A licensee to provide additional information or records, including personal information or other types of confidential information

● Bylaws respecting mandatory vaccinations, required under an enactment other than the bylaws, against transmissible illnesses

● Bylaws respecting ethics standards respecting providing false or misleading information to patients or the public respecting health and matters relating to health, including, without limitation, health services, drugs, devices and other health products

● An investigation or taking disciplinary action with respect to whether a licensee is fit to practice or has committed an act of misconduct

● A regulatory complaint based on information from the media or another public source

● An investigation and enter premises used by a respondent to practice a designated health profession without a court order

● An investigation to inspect and copy any records found on the premises or produced under an information and production order, including records containing personal information or other types of confidential information without a court order

● A respondent to undergo a competence assessment

● To not refuse to issue a citation or cancel a citation solely because the respondent's license has expired or has been revoked or surrendered, or the respondent is no longer a resident of British Columbia

● Publicly disclose personal information necessary to protect the public from harm

● Fines not exceeding $200,000 or to imprisonment for a term of not more than 6 months, or to both, to those who provide false or misleading information

● Any other matter that the minister directs

Happy New Year 2023  !!
Let's take our Country Back.
This is OUR House...

Now more than ever... we each must take the time to understand how and who run this world. These vested interests will not stop the W.E.F. but rather either join or go along with this human imprisonment agenda. 
Take an hour an arm yourself if you haven't already. 

From our Family to Yours this Christmas !! Thanks for reading, stay tuned in, stay free and strong: 2023 is going to need you. Love and Peace...
Florida Gov DeSantis brings together a large panel to discuss Covid issues and mishandling.

Where are our Canadian Elected Representatives, where are the strong voices we need now!!
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Regardless of your opinion of Chris Sky you will find this interview with Stew Peters compelling and informative .

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Truly alarming new stats out of England.

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Global Walkout
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Good News !!

 BV Wellness has joined with BV Liberty to offer community Health Support Services.
In these days of uncertainty when it comes to access to health care, support and guidance there is an alternative. BV Wellness Network. 
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In the main menu header is a button, just hover over and click to see the BVWN menu.

The support services are growing and help is just a click away. Please check out the support provided and call or email for personal contact. Thanks to the BVWN team for all you are doing, BVLiberty is proud to be a partner!
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Thank you to everyone who made the Smithers J4V Event a prioirty, it was a powerful night of Truth and Information. If you missed it you can still view it here.  
Smithers J4V Video
* Be a "BVLiberty" Member *
It's easy click on the blue box

You will be happy you did. Chat with other members, start your own "Group chat".

Listen to Locals
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Special Event Speeches:
Randy Murray - MC
Michael Steffens - Nuremberg
Rod Taylor - Then and Now
Fiena Dykstra - BV Health Network
Murray Hawes - Leadership/ Fall Elections
Add on - Dave Jensen - Digital ID
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What You Need To  Know

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What's Happening in our Area?
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Provincial and National
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The Interior News
(Main Stream vs Alternate?)
Think Critically.

Whats Happening

Local Partners

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